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News Rise Of Saudi Prince Shatters Decades Of Royal Tradition
Prince Mohammed bin Salman has quickly emerged as the most dynamic royal in the Arab world’s wealthiest nation, setting up a potential rivalry for the throne. … Read News

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News The Daring Plan To Find The Next Earth Within A Decade
Artist’s rendition of an exoplanet orbiting Centauri B. Image: L. Calçada/Nick Risinger/European Southern Observatory When astronomers confirmed the discovery of an Earth-sized world orbiting Proxima Centauri just 4.25 light years away, hopes were ignited that there may be more planetary real estate in our cosmic neighborhood. To find out, a team of ex-NASA scientists is now seeking … Read News

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News Will Wanda Group’s Real Estate Challenges Endanger Its Hollywood Buying Spree?
Hollywood’s elite will be all smiles next week when the town’s most prolific dealmaker, CEO , visits to talk up the importance of strong U.S. and Chinese relations. But some execs privately raise an uncomfortable question about the company that owns Legendary Pictures and , and openly says it wants to buy a big six studio: Is Wanda reaching the end of … Read News