Campaign Signs By Polling Places

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News Free Press Is The American Way
Protesters have every right to wave signs proclaiming that Donald Trump is “Not My ” (although their credibility is compromised if they didn’t vote). But they are wrong on their facts. Trump is their — our — the only we’ll have for the next four years. … Read News

Campaign Signs By Polling Places

News Trump's Twitter Bots Turned Out On Election Day
Donald Trump’s supporters made a surprisingly strong showing on Nov. 8, and not just at polling places in the rust belt. bots accounted for nearly a quarter of all postings that included hashtags related to the election, according to an analysis by researchers at Corvinus University, Oxford, and the  published on Thursday. They found that pro-Trump hashtags got … Read News

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News How Will The Election Affect Key Legal Issues?
Weighing in after the election of Donald Trump, Stanford Law School faculty look at the , the Voting Rights Act, executive power, race and birtherism, the Affordable Care Act, reproductive rights, marriage equality, the Electoral College, , the Rust Belt vote, the future of Dodd Frank, corporate governance, gun control and climate change. … Read News